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Stray Light Standards

Stray radiant light is energy reaching the detector that is not originating from the instrument light source. This can come from a variety of sources and impacts the readings output by the instrument. Stray light can be a problem at any wavelength but is more prevalent in the UV range.

The use of a stray light filter can verify that an external light source is not effecting the results. There are five commonly used materials to check the UV range of an instrument. Each standard has a ‘cut-off’ wavelength and eliminates light transmission below that level. Listed below are the standards offered and their associated ‘cut-off’ wavelength.

These are available in sealed quartz cuvettes certified for 2 years or sealed HDPE bottles with a 1 year shelf life. Recertification is available.


Potassium Iodide
Item #8380
Cutoff - 260nm

Sodium Iodide
Item #8381
Cutoff - 260nm
Potassium Chloride
Item #8384
Cutoff - 200nm

ISO 9001 Certified

 ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditated

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